Modular Cabinets

Our selection of modular cabinets has been completely re-engineered to better respond to our customers’ needs. It is distinguished by the vast array of dimensions offered, accessories, perfect modularity, and most of all, by its durability.

The cabinets comes in five different widths, each offered in different depths, for a total of 11 combinations, each available in six heights, add to that the 10 drawer heights, and you have an incredible variety of possibilities. You’re guaranteed to find the right size for your specific application

The durable Rousseau cabinet, in addition to being sturdy, features a refined and unique look that will stand the test of time.

Multi-Drawer Cabinet

For personalized space management, our multi-drawer cabinet will surprise you with its attractive look and amazing versatility. Whether you’re placing an order for one cabinet, or for one thousand, our customer service representatives will gladly help you build just the cabinet you’re looking for.

Four sizes of cabinets are available: 48″ x 24″, 48″ x 27″, 60″ x 24″, and 60″ x 27″. With the 48″ wide cabinet you can create 2 rows of 24″ wide and one row of 48″ wide drawers. With the 60″ wide you can build a cabinet with 2 rows of 30″ wide with a top row of 60″ wide, or one row of 24″ wide and another of 36″ wide with the 60″ wide on the top. Couple these choices with our 10 available drawer heights (3″ to 14″), our 12 standard colors, and our cabinet and drawer accessories and you can create a truly personalized cabinet.

This cabinet is available in either a mobile or a stationary version. The mobile cabinet has high-quality casters, a sturdy handle that guarantees a firm grip, as well as an integrated locking mechanism, which makes this cabinet ideal for mobile applications. Both models include a lock that allows locking all of the drawers with the turn of one key.

The multi-drawer cabinet is a versatile cabinet, available in a variety of colors. We couldn’t be more proud to offer you these quality Rousseau products!