Wire Partitions & Wire Lockers

CoganCogan Wire Partition and Locker Systems are designed to create secure, functional space that works as hard as you do. Our systems are designed to give you maximum protection and maximum benefits. Go totally custom or choose from standard options. Let Q Material Handling design a system that works just for you.

Wire Partition Systems

Strong and versatile, wire mesh partitions are designed to ensure 24-hour security while allowing air to circulate and light to fully penetrate. Its all-steel construction resists wear and requires no maintenance. Wire partitions are ideal for large and small warehouses to safeguard your inventory, equipment, and more. Our partition systems are equally valuable in construction where time means money and a great product saves you both.

Wire Locker Systems

Wire lockers save money compared to dry wall, wood, and other products. Because of their clean design, easy installation, durability, and affordability, multi-purpose locker systems are the locker of choice for developers and general contractors.

Condo Locker Systems

The ultimate in on-site adaptability for building managers or property owners, Condo Storage Lockers provide month-in and month-out cash income for tenant lockers installed in previously unusable space. Maximize your tenant storage area with Cogan single-tier, double-tier, or hanging tenant storage lockers.

Industrial Locker Systems

Big or small, personal or industrial, Cogan Industrial Storage Lockers are the custom solution for your daily storage needs.