Modular Offices

The Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular construction offers the following advantages:

  • Assembles fast
  • Offers significant savings
  • Can be expensed as a piece of equipment, not a leasehold improvement
  • Customizable to meet your evolving needs

logo_national-partitionsFaster Occupancy so You Can Get Back to Business

Installs up to 75% faster than stick-built. The standard small- to medium-sized modular room is assembled and ready for use in one day; with conventional construction that time can be weeks. Weeks of subcontractors and inspections can put any company behind schedule and this can translate directly into money lost. The faster you are back to normal, the faster you get back to business.


When identical building specifications are compared, modular construction generally costs about 40% less than conventional construction.

Minimize Downtime, Distractions & Costly Clean Up

As mentioned, modular structures will get your personnel back to work fast. In most cases, a modular office can be fully assembled and operational in just a few days compared to conventional construction, which could take up to several weeks. Also, modular assembly creates virtually no mess. After a modular structure is assembled, simply discard its shipping cartons. After conventional construction, it may be necessary to spend more time and money to clean up the dust and debris left behind.

Accelerated Depreciation Creates Added Savings

All modular structures are considered to be equipment and depreciate over a period of seven years. Compared to the 30-year depreciation of conventional construction, modular buildings can be written off five times faster.

Fully Engineered Structures Designed to Fit Specific Needs

Save on architecture and engineering fees with modular office systems. Every modular structure is designed to the industry’s most exacting standards. They are expertly engineered and fabricated, carefully packaged, and shipped direct, most times, in less than three weeks. State-specific stamped drawings are available, if required.

Relocate, Reuse, or Restructure Without Having to Rebuild

One of the main advantages of a modular structure is its ability to be taken down, moved, and reassembled. Once a conventional structure is taken apart, most of it ends up in the landfill. Modular structures can also be easily modified to better suit a company’s changing needs. Add a window or door, split the office in two with an internal wall, or even add a second story…restructuring a modular office with perfectly matching components is never a problem.