Steel Shelving & Storage Solutions

Rousseau Spider® Shelving System: “The Most Versatile Shelving System that Exists” is much more than a simple shelving system! Featuring sturdy construction and quick assembly, the Spider® Shelving System meets all of your storage needs. By offering the most diverse options on the market, Spider makes finding solutions for all your storage problems as easy as 1, 2, 3. The combination of shelving and Mini-Racking offers other possibilities: Adding modular drawers guarantees you secure organization of all your small parts and vertical expansion is also a possibility thanks to our two-level shelving system.

Designed for intensive use, our modular storage system will maximize the space in your warehouse, parts department, maintenance workshop, distribution center, etc. Our expertise ensures you peace of mind for all of your current and future needs!

Utilizing Modular Drawers in Shelving

Say goodbye to poorly lit shelves, backaches, and difficulty accessing materials caused by inadequate storage! As storage specialists, we can help you redesign your space with solutions such as Rousseau drawers integrated with your shelving for maximum utilization, or a versatile, reliable hybrid system that has proven itself time and again. With their sturdy construction and distinctive appearance, Rousseau drawers add value to your existing equipment. The Rousseau modular drawer can be installed in more than 35 brands of shelving on the market, making it possible to keep existing materials; A simple and economic solution…Just think about it!