Can Shelving be Improved for Better Ergonomics?

One of the leading causes of lost time at work are injuries caused by bad ergonomics. This fact has led to many companies examining their work processes to not only boost efficiency, but to improve ergonomic conditions. Q Material Handling can help you with the most common solutions such as adjustable work platforms, scissors lifts, loading dock equipment, palletizers, self-leveling lifts, etc. But what about the not-so-common solutions? What about shelving? Can your garden-variety industrial shelving really be improved, ergonomically? The answer is YES, by utilizing Rousseau’s 400-lb. capacity drawers with roll-out shelves. Please call us for information about any of these solutions.

Picture yourself trying to find an item that is located on the back of a shelf that is about 4’ off of the floor. What if that item weighs 30 pounds? With Rousseau’s drawers, you simply pull the drawer all the way out giving you 100% access. With large and heavy objects you can use a roll-out shelf, which allows two people to easily pick up the said item or you can also slide it onto a cart or truck (we can provide you those as well).

Are you looking to improve not only space utilization but ergonomic conditions for your team? Call us today and ask about Rousseau’s drawers-in-shelving. Already invested in another brands’ shelving? Not a problem. We can install Rousseau’s drawers in more than 35 of our competitor’s shelving. Call us today at 301-745-8908