Johns Hopkins Material Lift

Material Lift by Lightning Lifts

We recently finished a job installing a material lift (manufactured by Lightning Lift Products out of Delanco, NJ) for Johns Hopkins. A great benefit of a hydraulic material lift is that there are no certifications or regular inspections required as compared to traditional elevators. If you continuously have to haul material up flights of stairs a material lift will increase your productivity and reduce personnel risk. If you have questions or are in need of hydraulic lift equipment give us a call at 301-745-8908.

Armstrong State Install

We recently finished an installation for the Mechanical Engineering Lab at Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA. Q Material Handling was excited to contribute to the college’s expansion and wish Dr. Coates and his team good luck. Go Pirates! Here is what the lab looked like when we started:

Before Pic

Nice folding tables, huh.

They ordered six 72” L x 44” D student tables with adjustable legs. They chose painted (black) steel tops, which we covered with rubber to act as a sacrificial cover. Four students are at each table, so to save space we put two of the computer articulating arms to one post and mounted them centered on the ends. They also got a teacher’s table and several odd-sized tables.


Rousseau Workstations with stools from BenchPro


The computer supports are very well designed with stainless steel posts. These have a very clean look and are compatible with a stainless steel or painted steel cover that could house electrical outlets.

Armstrong also chose to purchase electronic workstations, complete with grounding kits, for their lab that will be ready for next year.

Electronic Workstation is dissipative tops and shelf.

Let us know what you think. And if you like what you see, or have questions, then please give us a call.