We Added a New Line for HIGH DENSITY STORAGE

We’ve recently acquired a new line to improve our storage system products: PiPP (PiPP Mobile Storage Systems) is a manufacturer of high-density storage systems. Storage shelving sits on a carriage system that rides on a track allowing you to compress several rows of shelving with only one aisle. This is a perfect solution for those companies that are running out of storage room and do not want to have to move to a new building. The rows of shelving can be designed to move manually or electrically. This system accommodates many different shelving types including wire shelving and shelving with drawers. Besides shelving you can put many other storage systems onto the carriage system, including cabinets or even racking. To get a visual of what we are talking about please click on the gallery below. Call us today for more information.

New Rousseau Install

We just completed an installation of Rousseau’s drawers-in-shelving at one of our customer’s new facilities. By using a common post, we were able to create a seamless design that is efficient, easy on the wallet, easy to install and great looking! Rousseau’s modular design allows you to go from basic shelving to drawers-in-shelving to cabinets with lockable doors.

You want to install a workbench with wall cabinets and a light? Not a problem! Many other options are also available, call us today to start your custom design. Our service area includes the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic areas.

Rousseau Solution for Crescent Towing

Crescent Towing is responsible for running the harbor assist tugs that tie up the ships at the Port of Savannah, one of the busiest in the country. It’s imperative that they keep their tugs in top running order, 24/7. So, you can imagine that having an accurate, well-organized, and efficient inventory is very important to their success. In their warehouse they had installed a self-supporting, shelf mezzanine system. This is a very inexpensive way to maximize your storage capacity by taking advantage of your overhead space. However, when it comes to smaller parts and basic inventory control, “drawers-in shelving” is the optimum solution. In an ongoing project, Q Material Handling was able to install Rousseau’s modular drawers into our competitor’s shelving. I could go on and present the math of how this would improve their inventory system, but these pictures do a much better job:


48" bank of drawers

With two banks of drawers consisting of eight 3″ drawers and four 6″ drawers, we were able to open up five shelving units.

Like what you see? Would you like a free consultation or literature about how to improve your storage capacity using Rousseau products? Please give us a call at Please give us a call 301-745-8908.