Johns Hopkins Material Lift

Material Lift by Lightning Lifts

We recently finished a job installing a material lift (manufactured by Lightning Lift Products out of Delanco, NJ) for Johns Hopkins. A great benefit of a hydraulic material lift is that there are no certifications or regular inspections required as compared to traditional elevators. If you continuously have to haul material up flights of stairs a material lift will increase your productivity and reduce personnel risk. If you have questions or are in need of hydraulic lift equipment give us a call at 301-745-8908.

Cogan Mezzanines

Hey, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic based customers! Are you running out of floor space? Are you thinking about moving to a larger facility or warehouse? Let me suggest that you consider adding a mezzanine to transform your unused vertical space into profitable square footage. Using Cogan’s world-class mezzanine system, we can custom-design a mezzanine to your required deck height and load requirements. These mezzanines are available with railings that meet OSHA or IBC Codes, stairs with or without a landing, safety gates, ladders, and a choice of several different deck options. One of these deck options is using ResinDek panels, which provide a very clean and professional look. We can handle installation or, seeing how these mezzanines are modular and bolt together, you can save money installing it yourself by following simple instructions.

So let’s re-cap: Double your manufacturing or warehouse floor space without incurring moving, renovation, or new construction costs by calling Q Material Handling for a quote on your new Cogan Mezzanine.


Do you have metal shelving? Does the space in the back of the shelves feel wasted? Do you ever “lose” parts or supplies that are hidden by the stuff stored on the front of the shelf? Q Material Handling has a solution that will enable you to access the entire depth of your shelving unit and it will help with inventory control and efficiency. Using Rousseau’s Drawer-in-Shelving System, we can install their world-class, 400-lb. capacity R Modular Drawers in more than 35 different brands of shelving. Drawers come in 36″, 42″, and 48″ widths at depths of 18″ or 24″. Roll-out shelves, as seen on the bottom the featured shelving unit, are also available. You can choose from four different bank heights: 18″, 24″, 36″, & 48″. If you need a complete setup you can get Rousseau’s shelving with drawers. The picture on the left is the Rousseau unit (42″ x 24″ x 87″) that we put in the Savannah showroom. If you are interested or want more information then give us a call at 301-745-8908.