We Added a New Line for HIGH DENSITY STORAGE

We’ve recently acquired a new line to improve our storage system products: PiPP (PiPP Mobile Storage Systems) is a manufacturer of high-density storage systems. Storage shelving sits on a carriage system that rides on a track allowing you to compress several rows of shelving with only one aisle. This is a perfect solution for those companies that are running out of storage room and do not want to have to move to a new building. The rows of shelving can be designed to move manually or electrically. This system accommodates many different shelving types including wire shelving and shelving with drawers. Besides shelving you can put many other storage systems onto the carriage system, including cabinets or even racking. To get a visual of what we are talking about please click on the gallery below. Call us today for more information.

Cogan Mezzanines

Hey, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic based customers! Are you running out of floor space? Are you thinking about moving to a larger facility or warehouse? Let me suggest that you consider adding a mezzanine to transform your unused vertical space into profitable square footage. Using Cogan’s world-class mezzanine system, we can custom-design a mezzanine to your required deck height and load requirements. These mezzanines are available with railings that meet OSHA or IBC Codes, stairs with or without a landing, safety gates, ladders, and a choice of several different deck options. One of these deck options is using ResinDek panels, which provide a very clean and professional look. We can handle installation or, seeing how these mezzanines are modular and bolt together, you can save money installing it yourself by following simple instructions.

So let’s re-cap: Double your manufacturing or warehouse floor space without incurring moving, renovation, or new construction costs by calling Q Material Handling for a quote on your new Cogan Mezzanine.